More About the Book

Tracey Vlahovic, DPM, and Stephen M. Schleicher, MD, the co-authors of Skin Disease Of The Lower Extremities, agree that this comprehensive resource in a convenient handbook format will be welcomed by clinicians who see lower extremity dermatology issues everyday in their practice.

"During my travels to podiatric medical conferences, I have spoken with numerous clinicians who expressed a need in our profession for a convenient text to assist in the diagnosis and management of lower extremity skin disorders," notes Dr. Vlahovic. "We hope we have met that need and that (the handbook) can be a useful reference for any clinician who treats skin conditions of the lower extremity."

"Cutaneous disorders of the lower extremities are frequently encountered by both podiatrists and dermatologists. Many are readily diagnosed by visual inspection and others may require additional testing such as culture and/or biopsy," says Dr. Schleicher. "Our text, co-authored by a board-certified podiatrist and a board-certified dermatologist, is a valuable resource for any clinician who deals with lower extremity skin diseases."

Jeff Cieszkowski, a National Account Manager for Podiatry Today, acknowledged interest in bulk orders of the Skin Disease Of The Lower Extremities: A Photographic Guide handbook from pharmaceutical companies.

"Educational resources such as this are well within the AdvaMed guidelines," notes Cieszkowski. "This resource is a very cost effective way for sales representatives to facilitate a stronger awareness of lower extremity dermatology issues among clinicians."

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